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Reliable HVAC Specialists in Tomah, WI

Are you located in Western Wisconsin and need expert technicians to work on the air conditioning at your new home? Want help updating the heating system on your property? Or would you like a team to install sheet metal? Whatever you require, talk to Heating & Cooling Specialists today!
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Offering Expert Services

At Heating & Cooling Specialists, we understand how important it is to have reliable heating and cooling at your house. You don't want to be left freezing in the middle of winter, or have to suffer through the hottest days of summer with air conditioning that's on the fritz.
That's why we want you to know that we're fully dedicated to providing our clients with the best results. For one thing, our expertly trained team is Trane authorized. And whether we're handling the HVAC system in a new home or updating your heating, we only use parts that are of the highest quality.

A Team You Can Rely On

Heating & Cooling Specialists is proud to be locally owned and operated. And as a local business, we always treat our clients with the utmost care and respect; after all, you're more than customers, you're our friends and neighbors.
In addition, being a local company has given us valuable insights into which materials and practices are best for our clients here in Juneau and Monroe Counties. We know the ideal time to install sheet metal, what kind of heating will offer you the most bang for your buck, and much more!

Ready to Assist You

If you're located anywhere in Western Wisconsin, the team here at Heating & Cooling Specialists would be delighted to work with you. However, we need to hear from you first in order to get started on your job.
Remember, we can work on heating and air conditioning in both new and existing homes. We're also able to handle sheet metal installation. Reach out to us today to learn more!
Please give us a call at (608) 374-4999!